Pettican, Anneké and Roberts, Spencer (2003) A Hidden Spectacle. [Show/Exhibition]

The digital graffiti artist has created work in a number of locations including a national palace, a digital warehouse and a city alley. As part of her on going activity she will create new work somewhere on the Moors in the Transpennine region. Unlike the other pieces she has made (large-scale, interactive, high-end installation) this new work will be on a portable scale, allowing the graffiti artist the potential to roam more freely. It is intended that her co-protagonists will carry her onto the Moor along with laptop, small projector, power source and mini dv camera. As a result, she will use the landscape as her canvas, drawing her graffiti onto something small, like a boulder, and allowing the ‘light’ spray of her touch to mingle with the sounds of the night. It is the intention of the graffiti artist that only her associates witness the piece unfolding. The palimpsest she creates will unfold throughout the night and the graffiti artist will take on the appearance of a fairy laying 'Songlines' or casting a form of spell.

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