Shiju, N. Raveendran, Alberts, Albert H., Khalid, Syed, Brown, David .R. and Rothenberg, Gadi (2011) Mesoporous Silica with Site-Isolated Amine and Phosphotungstic Acid Groups: A Solid Catalyst with Tunable Antagonistic Functions for One-Pot Tandem Reactions. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50 (41). pp. 9615-9619. ISSN 14337851

Coniuga et impera: A bifunctional solid catalyst is prepared by combining acid and base functions on mesoporous silica supports (see picture). The co-existence of these functions is shown by a two-step reaction sequence in one pot. Excellent product yields, which cannot be obtained by separated acid and base functions in one pot, show the validity of our concept.