Barlow, Roger, Kozanecki, W., Roudeau, P., Stocchi, A., Fieguth, T. and Majewski, S. (2005) Simulation of PEP II accelerator backgrounds using turtle. In: Proceedings of the 2005 particle accelerator conference. IEEE, pp. 1835-1837. ISBN 0780388607

We present studies of accelerator-induced backgrounds in the BaBar detector at the SLAC B factory, carried out using LPTURTLE, a modified version of the decay turtle simulation package. Lost-particle backgrounds in PEP II are dominated by a combination of beam-gas bremstrahlung, beam gas Coulomb scattering, radiative bhabha events and beam-beam blow-up. The radiation damage and detector occupancy caused by the associated electromagnetic shower debris can limit the usable luminosity. In order to understand and mitigate such backgrounds, we have performed a full programme of beam-gas and luminosity background simulations, that include the effects of the detector solenoidal field, detailed modeling of limiting apertures in both collider rings and optimization of the betatron collimation scheme in the presence of large transverse tails.

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