Anne Fox-Kelly

Yesterday we took a jaunt to the Victoria Baths to catch up with artist Anne Fox-Kelly about the ice installation she's working on for Noise of Many Waters (starts tomorrow!).

Armed with a chisel, LED lights, cling film and a huge freezer (delivered to the baths especially for the event), Anne is piecing together a commission designed to interact with the performance of Gavin Bryars' 'The Sinking of the Titanic'. 

The Ice, crafted in shapes reminiscent of buoys or coracles, slowly melts, making pools of water that surround it. From these, a remnant of the shape will rise, slowly diminishing to expose a light sitting inside. Anne's vision is for the installation to signify hope and the idea of rising up from the dreadful event.

Dont forget you can follow the build-up to the event on Twitter via #NOMW...