Aubert, B. et al. (2007) Measurement of decay amplitudes of B→J/ψK*, ψ(2S)K*, and χc1K* with an angular analysis. Physical Review D, 76 (3). 031102. ISSN 1550-7998

We perform the first three-dimensional measurement of the amplitudes of B→ψ(2S)K* and B→χc1K* decays and update our previous measurement for B→J/ψK*. We use a data sample collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II storage ring, corresponding to 232×106 BB̅ pairs. The longitudinal polarization of decays involving a JPC=1++ χc1 meson is found to be larger than that with a 1-- J/ψ or ψ(2S) meson. No direct CP-violating charge asymmetry is observed.

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