Hill, Pat and Tinker, Amanda (2011) Embedding skills: what does it mean to learning developers, lecturers and students? In: 8th ALDinHE Conference. "Engaging Students - Engaging Learning", 18-20 April 2011, Queen's University, Belfast. (Unpublished)

‘Embedding skills’ has become a clear goal for some learning developers based on sound pedagogical reasons (Bloxham, 2004; Haggis, 2006; Wingate, 2006, Hill et al, 2009). For some, however, the challenges and problems associated with it may appear insurmountable (Gibbs, 2003) and for others it may appear to be simply a means by which unscrupulous employers will seek to justify their removal. This workshop aims to explore what learning developers mean when we talk about embedding skills. It will essentially be in two parts. The first part will use a short questionnaire and a student video to stimulate discussion on such practical issues as who should teach what and how; cooperation and collaboration with subject staff, and whether embedding skills in the curriculum is really more engaging for students than separate skills provision.The second half of the workshop will move on to small group discussion of case studies where skills are partially or fully embedded. Following discussion, participants will be encouraged to develop an action plan which will allow them to explore specific ways that they can influence student engagement with the skills they need to develop as learners, both at University and beyond.

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