Doggett, C.M. and Bernhauser, Sue (2007) Exploring how practice supervisors arrive at judgements about professional competence in clinical settings and the implications for their preparation. Abstracts of the International Congress of Nursing, C775B.

Background: Setting the preparation of the clinical supervisors of student's practice competence within a UK framework. Objectives: 1. To explore the context in which the assessment of student's professional competence occurs. 2. To highlight the recognition of what skills supervisors need to undertake this role. 3. To examine the implications for the preparation of nurses for this supervisory role. Presentation content: To report aspects of the findings of a research study on the quality of the summative assessment of clinical skills in nursing. Focusing on the supervisors of practice, the key players in making decisions about student's skills development and fitness for practice. It provides insight into supervisors perspectives on their preparation and subsequent support. Highlighted is the serious recognition that should be given to the skilful nature of assessing in the light of the socially situated nature of human action. We will look at how the recently published national framework enhances the development of those skills, in order to ensure a more valid and reliable approach to the assessment of student ability is undertaken

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