Aubert, B. et al. (2006) Study of B→D(*)Ds(J)(*) decays and measurement of Ds- and DsJ(2460)- branching fractions. Physical Review D, 74 (3). 031103. ISSN 1550-7998

We present branching fraction measurements of 12 B meson decays of the form B→D(*)Ds(J)(*). The results are based on Υ(4S) decays in BB̅ pairs. One of the B mesons is fully reconstructed and the other decays to two charm mesons, of which one is reconstructed, and the mass and momentum of the other is inferred by kinematics. Combining these results with previous exclusive branching fraction measurements, we determine B(Ds-→ϕπ-)=(4.62±0.36stat.±0.51syst.)%, B(DsJ(2460)-→Ds*-π0)=(56±13stat.±9syst.)% and B(DsJ(2460)-→Ds-γ)=(16±4stat.±3syst.)%.

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