Bryson, Valerie (2007) Gender and the politics of time: feminist theory and contemporary debates. The Policy Press, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781861347497

Women's increased role in the labour market has combined with concerns about the damaging effects of long working hours to push time-related issues up the policy agenda in many Western nations. This wide-ranging and accessible book assesses policy alternatives in the light of feminist theory and factual evidence.
Contents: Introduction: Part one: Time, politics and society: mainstream perspectives: Time, temporality and political thought; Time culture(s) and the social nature of time; Time use in capitalist society; Part two: Feminist perspectives: reframing the issues: Women and men in feminist political thought; Pubic and private in feminist political thought; Feminist politics and welfare states; Part three: Towards a feminist politics of time: Time and temporality in recent feminist thought; 'Women's time'; Women and time use in contemporary capitalist societies; The time(s) we want and the time(s) we've got: political implications and conclusions.

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