Aubert, B. et al. (2007) Amplitude Analysis of the B±→φK*(892)± Decay. Physical Review Letters, 99 (20). p. 201802. ISSN 0031-9007

We perform an amplitude analysis of B±→φ(1020)K*(892)± decay with a sample of about 384×106 BB̅ pairs recorded with the BABAR detector. Overall, twelve parameters are measured, including the fractions of longitudinal fL and parity-odd transverse f⊥ amplitudes, branching fraction, strong phases, and six parameters sensitive to CP violation. We use the dependence on the Kπ invariant mass of the interference between the JP=1- and 0+ Kπ components to resolve the discrete ambiguity in the determination of the strong and weak phases. Our measurements of fL=0.49±0.05±0.03, f⊥=0.21±0.05±0.02, and the strong phases point to the presence of a substantial helicity-plus amplitude from a presently unknown source.

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