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Albasir, Mohamed (2021) Aeration and rheology of bran-enriched bread dough during sheeting. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Corr, Liam (2021) Investigating the efficacy of cocoa flavanols as an ergogenic aid for muscle recovery in males and females following exercise-induced muscle damage. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Ginés Rivas, Juan José (2021) Codon Usage Evolution in Opisthokonta. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Tindell, Abigail Helen (2021) Investigations into plasmid and chromosomally encoded outer membrane proteins of Borrelia. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Glossop, Sophie Joanne (2020) The role of growth conditions on the interactions of Pseudomonas extracellular secretions with keratinocytes. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Lowe, Mathew (2020) An analysis of the selection, usage and bias of optimal codons in the excavate protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Reyes, Bernardo de Haro (2020) Marine:freshwater transitions in choanoflagellates. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Senior, Jessica Jade (2020) Suspended Manufacturing of Multi-Layered Biopolymer Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Tokatligil, Banu (2020) Characterisation and biotechnological uses of archaeal viral DNA polymerases. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Young, Bethan C (2020) Identification of Novel Biomarkers of Neuropathic Pain: A Translational Study from Rat to Human. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Alyassin, Mohammad (2019) ARABINOXYLAN PREBIOTICS CO-PRODUCTION WITHIN INTEGRATED BIOREFINERIES. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Armitage, Paul (2019) The choanoflagellate translational machinery. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Atallah, Suliman (2019) Evaluation of Pharmacological Strategies Targeting the Glycolytic Phenotype of Cancer. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Barragan, Inmaculada (2019) TOPICAL SUBSTITUTION OF TRANSGLUTAMINASE 1 FOR THE TREATMENT OF CONGENITAL ICHTHYOSIS. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Demaine, Chloe (2019) Transposable Element Evolution in Stramenopiles and Choanoflagellates. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Hussain, Enas (2019) Interaction of extracellular factors derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa on Keratinocytes. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Kulik, Anastasija (2019) Characterisation of Polymerase δ-interacting Protein 2 (POLDIP2), a novel human protein involved in modulating DNA replication/repair and other physiological functions. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Mukherjee, Subham (2019) DNA characterisation from gut content of larvae of Megaselia scalaris (Diptera, Phoridae) for forensic investigations. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Reed, Natasha (2019) Development of Standard Operating Procedures for the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds associated with the decomposition process. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Singh, Prashasti (2019) Bovine DNA characterization from gut content of larvae of Megaselia scalaris (Diptera, Phoridae) for forensic investigations. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Talbot, Nathan (2019) A Search for Novel Antimicrobials and Novel β-Lactamase Inhibitors. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Wormald, Richard (2019) Environmental Limits of Methanogenesis and Sulphate Reduction. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.



Akriem, Hamad A. M. (2018) Synthesis of 8-alkylthioguanineas GTP cyclohydrolase (I) inhibitors for the treatment of cancer pain. Towards amino acids: asymmetric [1,2]-Stevens rearrangements and [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangements. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Elbakoush, Abdel M. (2018) Modulation of neuroinflammation with the phytoestrogen, formononetin. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Grace, Cooper A. (2018) Evolutionary Genomics of Transposable Elements in the Saccharomyces sensu lato Complex. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Hejjaji, Ezzeddin M. A. (2018) Tuneable Chitosan Particles with Potential Forensic and Pharmaceutical Applications. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Salah, Zohier (2018) Isolation and Characterization of ISA Degrading Alkaliphilic Bacteria. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Charles, C.J., Rout, Simon P., Patel, K.A., Akbar, S., Laws, Andrew P., Jackson, B.R., Boxall, S.A. and Humphreys, Paul (2017) Floc formation reduces the pH stress experienced by microorganisms living in alkaline environments. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 83 (6). ISSN 0099-2240

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Cooper, Christopher D.O. and Marsden, Brian D. (2017) N- and C-Terminal Truncations to Enhance Protein Solubility and Crystallization: Predicting Protein Domain Boundaries with Bioinformatics Tools. In: Heterologous Gene Expression in E.coli: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1586 . Springer, pp. 11-31. ISBN 978-1493968879

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Hlaka, Lerato, Rosslee, Michael-Jon, Ozturk, Mumin, Kumar, Santosh, Parihar, Suraj P., Brombacher, Frank, Khalaf, Abedawn I., Carter, Katharine C., Scott, Fraser J., Suckling, Colin J. and Guler, Reto (2017) Evaluation of Minor Groove Binders (MGBs) as novel anti-mycobacterial agents, and the effect of using non-ionic surfactant vesicles as a delivery system to improve their efficacy. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. ISSN 0305-7453

Patten, Daniel A., Hussein, Enas, Davies, Scott P., Humphreys, Paul and Collett, Andrew (2017) Commensal-derived OMVs elicit a mild proinflammatory response in intestinal epithelial cells. Microbiology, 163 (5). pp. 702-711. ISSN 1465-2080

Rout, Simon P., Salah, Zohier B., Charles, Christopher J. and Humphreys, Paul (2017) Whole genome sequence of the anaerobic isosaccharinic acid degrading isolate, Macellibacteroides fermentans strain HH-ZS. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9 (8). pp. 2140-2144. ISSN 1759-6653


Albarbar, Balid (2016) The role of lymphotoxin ligand-receptor interactions in regulating epithelial cell fate. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Ali, Antasar Mohamed (2016) Biochemical Characterization of a Novel Mammalian Polyphosphate Dependent Glucokinase. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Ding, W., Stewart, D.I., Humphreys, P.N., Rout, S.P. and Burke, I.T. (2016) Role of an organic carbon-rich soil and Fe(III) reduction in reducing the toxicity and environmental mobility of chromium(VI) at a COPR disposal site. Science of The Total Environment, 541. pp. 1191-1199. ISSN 0048-9697

Hoch, A.R., Rochelle, C.A., Humphreys, Paul, Lloyd, J.R., Heath, T.G. and Thatcher, K.E. (2016) Carbon-14 Project Phase 2 - Formation of a Gas Phase and its Migration. Technical Report. Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM), London, UK.

Humphreys, Paul (2016) Microbial Community Evolution Is Significantly Impacted by the Use of Calcium Isosaccharinic Acid as an Analogue for the Products of Alkaline Cellulose Degradation. PLoS ONE, 11 (11). e0165832. ISSN 1932-6203

Moxon, Samuel Robert (2016) Development of Biopolymer Hydrogels as Complex Tissue Engineering Scaffolds. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Salah, Zohier B., Rout, Simon P. and Humphreys, Paul (2016) Draft Whole-Genome Sequence of the Alkaliphilic Alishewanella aestuarii Strain HH-ZS, Isolated from Historical Lime Kiln WasteContaminated Soil. Genome Announcements, 4 (6). ISSN 2169-8287


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Yang, Fang, Yang, Xiaofeng, LI, Zhe, Du, Chenyu, Wang, Jufang and Li, Shuang (2015) Overexpression and characterization of a glucose-tolerant β-glucosidase from T. aotearoense with high specific activity for cellobiose. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. ISSN 0175-7598


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