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Abdou, Hussein, Agbeyo, Olubunmi, Jones, KKirsten and Sorour, Karim (2016) The impact of M&A on the Nigerian financial market: a pre-post analysis. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 13 (1). pp. 138-150. ISSN 1810-4967 (In Press)

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Al-Enezi, Mohammad, Burney, Nadeem A., Johnes, Jill and Al-Musallam, Marwa (2010) An assessment of efficiency of public schools in Kuwait using data envelopment approach (DEA) and Tobit regression. Journal of Development and Economic Policies, 12 (2). pp. 7-33. ISSN 1561-0411

Ali, Nadia (2011) The interactive effect of Gestalt laws of perceptual organisation and task demands on graph comprehension. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

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Boduszek, Daniel, Adamson, Gary, Shevlin, Mark and Hyland, Philip (2012) Development and Validation of a Measure of Criminal Social Identity within a sample of Polish Recidivistic Prisoners. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 22 (5). pp. 315-324. ISSN 1471-2857

Boduszek, Daniel, Debowska, Agata, Dhingra, Katie and DeLisi, Matt (2016) Introduction and validation of Psychopathic Personality Traits Scale (PPTS) in a large prison sample. Journal of Criminal Justice, 46. pp. 9-17. ISSN 0047-2352

Boduszek, Daniel, Shevlin, Mark, Hyland, Philip and Adamson, Gary (2013) Eysenck's Personality Model and Criminal thinking style within a violent and non-violent offender sample - application of propensity score analysis. Deviant Behavior, 34 (6). pp. 483-493. ISSN 0163-9625

Boduszek, Daniel, Shevlin, Mark, Mallett, John, Hyland, Philip and O’Kane, Damien (2012) Dimensionality and Construct Validity of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale within a Sample of Recidivistic Prisoners. Journal of Criminal Psychology, 2 (1). pp. 19-25. ISSN 2009-3829

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Ding, Qing Shan (2016) Two extremes – how the rich and poor spend Chinese New Year. The Conversation. ISSN 2044-5032

Elliott, Caroline and Soo, Kwok Tong (2012) The Returns to an MBA Degree: The Impact of Programme Attributes. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

Ercole, Roberto (2014) The concentration of manufacturing industries in Vietnam with particular reference to Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding. In: 42nd Annual Conference of Regional Science Association International - British and Irish section, 21-22 August 2014, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge, UK.. (Unpublished)

Ercole, Roberto and O'Neill, Robert (2016) The Influence of Agglomeration Externalities on Manufacturing Growth Within Indonesian Locations. Growth and Change. ISSN 0017-4815

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Ignatans, Dainis and Pease, Ken (2015) Taking Crime Seriously: Playing the Weighting Game. Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice. ISSN 1752-4520 (In Press)

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Weatherburn, Peter, Keogh, Peter, Reid, David, Dodds, Catherine, Bourne, Adam, Owuor, John, Hammond, Gary and Jessup, Kathie (2009) What do you need? 2007-2008: findings from a national survey of people with diagnosed HIV. Project Report. Sigma Research.

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Xiao, Fangliang, ligteringen, Han, Van Gulijk, Coen and Ale, Ben (2015) Comparison study on AIS data of ship traffic behavior. Ocean Engineering, 95. pp. 84-93. ISSN 0029-8018 (Submitted)

Zheng, Nan and Qu, Yi (2015) What explains the performance of Chinese exporting firms? Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 13 (1). pp. 51-70. ISSN 1476-5284

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