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Kpodo, F. M., Agbenorhevi, Jacob K., Alba, K., Bingham, Richard, Oduro, I. N., Morris, Gordon and Kontogiorgos, Vassilis (2017) Pectin isolation and characterization from six okra genotypes. Food Hydrocolloids, 72. pp. 323-330. ISSN 0268-005X

Alba, K., Bingham, Richard and Kontogiorgos, Vassilis (2017) Mesoscopic structure of pectin in solution. Biopolymers. ISSN 0006-3525


Dyer, Adam, Brown, Gemma, Stejskal, Lenka, Laity, Peter R. and Bingham, Richard (2015) The Borrelia afzelii outer membrane protein BAPKO_0422 binds human Factor-H and is predicted to form a membrane-spanning beta-barrel. Bioscience Reports, 35 (4). e00240. ISSN 0144-8463


Akif, Mohd, Masuyer, Geoffrey, Bingham, Richard, Sturrock, Edward D, Isaac, R Elwyn and Acharya, K Ravi (2012) Structural basis of peptide recognition by the angiotensin-1 converting enzyme homologue AnCE from Drosophila melanogaster. The FEBS journal, 279 (24). pp. 4525-4534. ISSN 1742-4658

Gruszka, D, Wojdyla, J, Bingham, RJ, Turkenburg, JP, Manfield, IW, Steward, A, Leech, AP, Geoghegan, JA, Foster, TJ, Clarke, J and Potts, JR (2012) Staphylococcal biofilm-forming protein has a contiguous rod-like structure. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (17). E1011-E1018. ISSN 1091-6490


Norris, Nicole C, Bingham, Richard, Harris, Gemma, Speakman, Adrian, Jones, Richard P O, Leech, Andrew, Turkenburg, Johan P and Potts, Jennifer R (2011) Structural and functional analysis of the tandem β-zipper interaction of a streptococcal protein with human fibronectin. The Journal of biological chemistry, 286 (44). pp. 38311-38320. ISSN 1083-351X


Atkin, Kate E, Brentnall, Andrew S, Harris, Gemma, Bingham, Richard, Erat, Michele C, Millard, Christopher J, Schwarz-Linek, Ulrich, Staunton, David, Vakonakis, Ioannis, Campbell, Iain D and Potts, Jennifer R (2010) The streptococcal binding site in the gelatin-binding domain of fibronectin is consistent with a non-linear arrangement of modules. The Journal of biological chemistry, 285 (47). pp. 36977-83. ISSN 1083-351X

Bingham, Richard and Potts, J. R. (2010) Fibronectin structure: a new piece of the puzzle emerges. Structure, 18 (6). pp. 660-661.


Ling, Zhenlian, Suits, Michel D.L., Bingham, Richard, Bruce, Neil C., Davies, Gideon J., Fairbanks, Antony J., Moir, James W.B. and Taylor, Edward J. (2009) The X-ray Crystal Structure of an Arthrobacter protophormiae Endo-β-N-Acetylglucosaminidase Reveals a (β/α)8 Catalytic Domain, Two Ancillary Domains and Active Site Residues Key for Transglycosylation Activity. Journal of Molecular Biology, 389 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 00222836


Bingham, Richard, Rudino-Pinera, E., Meenan, N. A. G., Schwarz-Linek, U., Turkenburg, J. P., Hook, M., Garman, E. F. and Potts, J. R. (2008) Crystal structures of fibronectin-binding sites from Staphylococcus aureus FnBPA in complex with fibronectin domains. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 105 (34). pp. 12254-12258. ISSN 00278424


Barratt, Elizabeth, Bronowska, Agnieszka, Vondrášek, Jiří, Černý, Jiří, Bingham, Richard, Phillips, Simon and Homans, Steve W. (2006) Thermodynamic Penalty Arising from Burial of a Ligand Polar Group Within a Hydrophobic Pocket of a Protein Receptor. Journal of Molecular Biology, 362 (5). pp. 994-1003. ISSN 00222836

Bingham, Richard, Dive, Vincent, Phillips, Simon E. V., Shirras, Alan D. and Isaac, R. Elwyn (2006) Structural diversity of angiotensin-converting enzyme. Insights from structure-activity comparisons of two Drosophila enzymes. FEBS Journal, 273 (2). pp. 362-373. ISSN 1742-464X


Malham, Richard, Johnstone, Sarah, Bingham, Richard, Barratt, Elizabeth, Phillips, Simon E. V., Laughton, Charles A. and Homans, Steve W. (2005) Strong Solute−Solute Dispersive Interactions in a Protein−Ligand Complex. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127 (48). pp. 17061-17067. ISSN 1520-5126

Barratt, Elizabeth, Bingham, Richard, Warner, Daniel J., Laughton, Charles A., Phillips, Simon E. V. and Homans, Steve W. (2005) Van der Waals Interactions Dominate Ligand−Protein Association in a Protein Binding Site Occluded from Solvent Water. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127 (33). pp. 11827-11834. ISSN 0002-7863

Thomas, Josie E., Rylett, Caroline M., Carham, Ahmet, Bland, Nicholas D., Bingham, Richard, Shirras, Alan D., Turner, Anthony J. and Isaac, R. Elwyn (2005) Drosophila melanogaster NEP2 is a new soluble member of the neprilysin family of endopeptidases with implications for reproduction and renal function. Biochemical Journal, 386 (2). pp. 357-366. ISSN 0264-6021


Bingham, Richard, Findlay, John B. C., Hsieh, Shih-Yang, Kalverda, Arnout P., Kjellberg, Alexandra, Perazzolo, Chiara, Phillips, Simon E. V., Seshadri, Kothandaraman, Trinh, Chi H., Turnbull, W. Bruce, Bodenhausen, Geoffrey and Homans, Steve W. (2004) Thermodynamics of Binding of 2-Methoxy-3-isopropylpyrazine and 2-Methoxy-3-isobutylpyrazine to the Major Urinary Protein. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126 (6). pp. 1675-1681. ISSN 1520-5126

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