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Sebesta, Marek, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Ariza, Antonio, Carnie, Christopher J. and Ahel, Dragana (2017) Structural insights into the function of ZRANB3 in replication stress response. Nature Communications, 8 (15847). ISSN 2041-1723

Cooper, Christopher D.O. and Marsden, Brian D. (2017) N- and C-Terminal Truncations to Enhance Protein Solubility and Crystallization: Predicting Protein Domain Boundaries with Bioinformatics Tools. In: Heterologous Gene Expression in E.coli: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1586 . Springer, pp. 11-31. ISBN 978-1493968879


Newman, Joseph A., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Roos, Anette K., Aitkenhead, Hazel, Oppermann, Udo C.T., Cho, Hearn J., Osman, Roman and Gileadi, Opher (2016) Structures of Two Melanoma-Associated Antigens Suggest Allosteric Regulation of Effector Binding. PLoS ONE, 11 (2). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1932-6203


Newman, Joseph A., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Aitkenhead, Hazel and Gileadi, Opher (2015) Structure of the Helicase Domain of DNA Polymerase Theta Reveals a Possible Role in the Microhomology-Mediated End-Joining Pathway. Structure, 23 (12). pp. 2319-2330. ISSN 0969-2126

Cooper, Christopher D.O., Newman, Joseph A., Aitkenhead, Hazel, Allerston, Charles K. and Gileadi, Opher (2015) Structures of the Ets Protein DNA-binding Domains of Transcription Factors Etv1, Etv4, Etv5, and Fev: Determinants of DNA Binding and Redox Regulation by Disulfide Bond Formation. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290 (22). pp. 13692-13709. ISSN 1083-351X

Newman, Joseph A., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Aitkenhead, Hazel and Gileadi, Opher (2015) Structural insights into the autoregulation and cooperativity of the human transcription factor Ets-2. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290 (13). pp. 8539-8549. ISSN 1083-351X


Cooper, Christopher D.O., Newman, Joseph A. and Gileadi, Opher (2014) Recent advances in the structural molecular biology of Ets transcription factors: interactions, interfaces and inhibition. Biochemical Society Transactions, 42 (1). pp. 130-138. ISSN 0300-5127 (print), 1470-8752 (electronic)


Canning, Peter, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Krojer, Tobias, Murray, James W., Pike, Ashley C.W., Chaikuad, Apirat, Keates, Tracy, Thangaratnarajah, Chancievan, Hojzan, Viktorija, Ayinampudi, Vikram, Marsden, Brian D., Gileadi, Opher, Knapp, Stefan, von Delft, Frank and Bullock, Alex N. (2013) Structural basis for Cul3 protein assembly with the BTB-Kelch family of E3 ubiquitin ligases. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288 (11). pp. 7803-7814. ISSN 1083-351X


Twigg, Stephen R.F., Lloyd, Deborah, Jenkins, Dagan, Elçioglu, Nursel E., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Al-Sannaa, Nouriya, Annagür, Ali, Gillessen-Kaesbach, Gabriele, Hüning, Irina, Knight, Samantha J.L., Goodship, Judith A., Keavney, Bernard D., Beales, Philip L., Gileadi, Opher, McGowan, Simon J. and Wilkie, Andrew O.M. (2012) Mutations in multidomain protein MEGF8 identify a Carpenter syndrome subtype associated with defective lateralization. American Journal of Human Genetics, 91 (5). pp. 897-905. ISSN 1537-6605

Keates, Tracy, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Savitsky, Pavel, Allerston, Charles K., Phillips, Claire, Hammarström, Martin, Daga, Neha, Berridge, Georgina, Mahajan, Pravin, Burgess-Brown, Nicola A., Müller, Susanne, Gräslund, Susanne and Gileadi, Opher (2012) Expressing the human proteome for affinity proteomics: optimising expression of soluble protein domains and in vivo biotinylation. New Biotechnology, 29 (5). pp. 515-525. ISSN 1876-4347


Cooper, Christopher D.O., Lawrie, Charles H., Liggins, Amanda P., Collins, Graham P., Hatton, Christian S.R., Pulford, Karen and Banham, Alison H. (2011) Identification and characterization of peripheral T-cell lymphoma-associated SEREX antigens. PLoS ONE, 6 (8). e23916. ISSN 1932-6203

Lucic, Bojana, Zhang, Ying, King, Oliver, Mendoza-Maldonado, Ramiro, Berti, Matteo, Niesen, Frank H., Burgess-Brown, Nicola A., Pike, Ashley C.W., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Gileadi, Opher and Vindigni, Alessandro (2011) A prominent β-hairpin structure in the winged-helix domain of RECQ1 is required for DNA unwinding and oligomer formation. Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (5). pp. 1703-1717. ISSN 0305-1048


Savitsky, Pavel, Bray, James, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Marsden, Brian D., Mahajan, Pravin, Burgess-Brown, Nicola A. and Gileadi, Opher (2010) High-throughput production of human proteins for crystallization: the SGC experience. Journal of Structural Biology, 172 (1). pp. 3-13. ISSN 1095-8657

Yue, Wyatt W., Hozjan, Viktorija, Ge, Wei, Loenarz, Christoph, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Schofield, Christopher J., Kavanagh, Kathryn L., Oppermann, Udo and McDonough, Michael A. (2010) Crystal structure of the PHF8 Jumonji domain, an Nepsilon-methyl lysine demethylase. FEBS Letters, 584 (4). pp. 825-830. ISSN 0014-5793

Loenarz, Christoph, Ge, Wei, Coleman, Mathew L., Rose, Nathan R., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Klose, Robert J., Ratcliffe, Peter J. and Schofield, Christopher J. (2010) PHF8, a gene associated with cleft lip/palate and mental retardation, encodes for an Nepsilon-dimethyl lysine demethylase. Human Molecular Genetics, 19 (2). pp. 217-222. ISSN 0964-6906


Lawrie, Charles H., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Ballabio, Erica, Chi, Jianxiang, Tramonti, Daniela and Hatton, Christian S.R. (2009) Aberrant expression of microRNA biosynthetic pathway components is a common feature of haematological malignancy. British Journal of Haematology, 145 (4). pp. 545-548. ISSN 1365-2141


Lawrie, C.H., Saunders, N.J., Soneji, S., Palazzo, S., Dunlop, H.M., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Brown, P.J., Troussard, X., Mossafa, H., Enver, T., Pezzella, F., Boultwood, J., Wainscoat, J.S. and Hatton, C.S.R. (2008) MicroRNA expression in lymphocyte development and malignancy. Leukemia, 22 (7). pp. 1440-1446. ISSN 1476-5551


Lawrie, Charles H., Soneji, Shamit, Marafioti, Teresa, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Palazzo, Stefano, Paterson, Jennifer C., Cattan, Helen, Enver, Tariq, Mager, Rachel, Boultwood, Jacqueline, Wainscoat, James S. and Hatton, Christian S.R. (2007) MicroRNA expression distinguishes between germinal center B cell-like and activated B cell-like subtypes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. International Journal of Cancer, 121 (5). pp. 1156-1161. ISSN 0020-7136

Liggins, Amanda P., Cooper, Christopher D.O., Lawrie, Charles H., Brown, Philip J., Collins, Graham P., Hatton, Chris S., Pulford, Karen and Banham, Alison H. (2007) MORC4, a novel member of the MORC family, is highly expressed in a subset of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. British Journal of Haematology, 138 (4). pp. 479-486. ISSN 0007-1048


Sahota, Surinder S., Goonewardena, C Madusha, Cooper, Christopher D.O., Liggins, Amanda P., Ait-Tahar, Kamal, Zojer, Niklas, Stevenson, Freda K., Banham, Alison H. and Pulford, Karen (2006) PASD1 is a potential multiple myeloma-associated antigen. Blood, 108 (12). pp. 3953-3955. ISSN 0006-4971

Cooper, Christopher D.O., Liggins, A.P., Ait-Tahar, K., Roncador, G., Banham, A.H. and Pulford, K. (2006) PASD1, a DLBCL-associated cancer testis antigen and candidate for lymphoma immunotherapy. Leukemia, 20 (12). pp. 2172-2174. ISSN 0887-6924

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