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Siddiqui, Kalim (2015) Agrarian Crisis and Transformation in India. Journal of Economics and Political Economy, 2 (1). pp. 3-22. ISSN 2148-8347


Siddiqui, Kalim (2014) Contradictions in development: growth and crisis in Indian economy. Economic and Regional Studies [Studia Ekonomiczne i Regionalne], 7 (3). pp. 82-98. ISSN 2083-3725

Siddiqui, Kalim (2014) Modernisation and displacement of rural communities in India. Journal of social business, 4 (2/3). pp. 3-27. ISSN 2045-1083

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Siddiqui, Kalim (2014) Flows of Foreign Capital into Developing Countries: A Critical Review. Journal of International Business and Economics, 2 (1). pp. 29-46.

Siddiqui, Kalim (2014) Higher education in the era of globalisation. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences , 3 (2). pp. 9-32. ISSN 2319-393X


Siddiqui, Kalim (2013) Experiences of developmental state in India and Taiwan. Think India Quarterly, 16. ISSN 2230-7850

Siddiqui, Kalim (2013) A Review of Pakistan’s Political Economy. Asian Profile, 41 (1). ISSN 0304-8675


Siddiqui, Kalim (2012) Developing Countries’ Experience with Neoliberalism and Globalisation. Research in Applied Economics, 4 (4). ISSN 1948-5433

Siddiqui, Kalim (2012) Malaysia's socio-economic transformation in historical perspective. International Journal of Business and General Management, 1 (2). pp. 21-50. ISSN 2319-2267

Siddiqui, Kalim (2012) Development and Displacement in India: Reforming the Economy towards Sustainability. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 364. 012108. ISSN 1742-6596


Siddiqui, Kalim (2011) Political Economy of Development in Pakistan. ZNet.

Siddiqui, Kalim (2011) Experiences of Capitalism in India and Pakistan. Research in Applied Economics, 3 (1). pp. 1-48. ISSN 1948-5433


Siddiqui, Kalim (2010) Globalisation and Neo-liberal Economic Reforms in India: A Critical Review. In: Globalization in india : new frontiers and emerging challenges. Prentice Hall India, New Delhi, pp. 219-243. ISBN 9788120340381

Siddiqui, Kalim (2010) The Political Economy of Development in Singapore. Research in Applied Economics, 2 (2). E4. ISSN 1948-5433


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Siddiqui, Kalim (2009) The Political Economy of Growth in China and India. Journal of Asian Public Policy, 2 (1). pp. 17-35. ISSN 1751-6234

Siddiqui, Kalim (2009) Politics and Religion in Modern India. ZNet.

Siddiqui, Kalim (2009) Financial Crisis and Its Impact on the Economies of China and India. Research in Applied Economics, 1 (1). ISSN 1948-5433

Siddiqui, Kalim (2009) Japan’s Economic Recession. Research in Applied Economics, 1 (1). pp. 1-25. ISSN 1948-5433


Siddiqui, Kalim (2008) Free-Market Illusion and Global Financial Crisis. Mainstream weekly, XLVI (49).

Siddiqui, Kalim (2008) Globalisation and developing countries: opportunities or marginalisation? In: Globalisation at the Crossroads. Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, pp. 46-72. ISBN 81-7625-851-7

Girdner, E.J. and Siddiqui, Kalim (2008) Neoliberal Globalization, Poverty Creation and Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries. International Journal of Environment and Development, 5 (1). pp. 1-27. ISSN 0973-3574


Siddiqui, Kalim (1999) New Technology and Process of Differentiation: Two Sugarcane Cultivating Villages in UP. Economic and Political Weekly, 34 (52). A139-A152. ISSN 0012-9976


Siddiqui, Kalim (1998) Agricultural Exports, Poverty and Ecological Crisis: Case Study of Central American Countries. Economic and Political Weekly, 33 (39). A128-A136. ISSN 0012-9976


Siddiqui, Kalim (1997) Credit and Marketing of Sugarcane: A Field Study of Two Villages in Western Uttar Pradesh. Social Scientist, 25 (1/2). pp. 62-93. ISSN 0970-0293


Siddiqui, Kalim (1996) Markedets magiske evner ['Free markets' and it's illusion]. Klassekampen.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1996) A new strategy for the debt crisis. International The News. ISSN 1563-9479

Siddiqui, Kalim (1996) Industrialisation under colonial regime: industrial development in British India, 1900-1946. Pakistan Journal of History & Culture, 17 (1). pp. 11-59. ISSN 1012-7682


Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Kapitalisme og forbruk [Capitalism and agriculture]. Nationen.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Food security and sutainable agriculture. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Chile as a laboratory of economic reforms. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Economic reforms and the poor. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Aid conditionality and the Third World. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) India: okonomireformer forsterker klasseskiller [India's recent economic reforms and its impact. Morgenbladet.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Role of the state in South-East Asia. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Global baerekraft [Estimation of National income, GDP & PPP]. Klassekampen.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) North-South and global sustainability. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) Population and environment - a critical assessment I & II. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) The myth of free trade. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1995) The origin of the market. The Nation.


Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Evaluating Indian economic reforms. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Globalisation and the Third World. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Population, poverty and environment. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) World development report 1993 - prescription for disaster. The Nation.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Frihandel for hvem? [Free Trade for whom?]. Morgenbladet.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Konsekven sar av Frihandel for Utviklingsland [the consequences of Free Trade and developing countries]. Det Norske Samlaget. pp. 20-39.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Global ulikhet [Global inequality]. Morgenbladet.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) World Bank vs environment in the Third World. Humanekologi.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) Gatt og overprod [GATT trade and developing countries]. Klassekampen.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1994) International trade and problems of inequality in the developing countries. In: Miljø Årboka. Det Norske Samlaget, Oslo, Norway.


Siddiqui, Kalim (1991) Economic development and 'free market'. New Dehli newspaper.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1991) Indias feilslatte gronne revolusjon [Crisis of India's green revolution]. Bergens tidende.


Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) Indien pa en skillevej [Current economic crisis in India]. Information.

Girdner, Eddie and Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) The Political Economy of Communalism in India. Asian Profile, 18 (2). ISSN 0304-8675

Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) Statskapitalism ingen losning for Indiens fattiga [State capitalism in India]. Kommentar.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) Fremskreden kapitalisme, og kampen for kontollere verdensmarkedet [Capitalism and control of the world's market]. Materialisten. pp. 140-147.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) Historical roots of mass poverty in India. In: Trends and Strains. Peoples Publishing House, New Delhi, India, pp. 59-76.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1990) Political economy of terrorism - the process of capital accumulation in Latin America. In: Genesis of Indo-Pakistan conflict on Kashmir. Patriot Publishers, New Delhi, India, pp. 212-225. ISBN 9788170501244


Siddiqui, Kalim (1989) Derfor er India sa fattig [Reasons behind mass poverty in India]. Bergens Tidende.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1989) Kolonialisme sult og den tredje verdens tilbakeliggenhet [Colonialism, poverty and hunger in the Third World]. Materialisten.


Siddiqui, Kalim (1985) Mer enn religion bak uroen [Religious violence in India]. Bergens Tidende.

Siddiqui, Kalim (1985) U-landene vil hjelpe seg selv [Prospects of North-South economic cooperation]. Bergens Tidende.

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