• ISSN: 2398-3566


‘Mindfulness’ is currently an area of enormous cultural significance, with applications of Mindfulness research influencing educational, therapeutic, clinical, organisational and artistic practices. Whilst rigorous research has been carried out at the intersections between meditation and some of these domains, other areas remain under-researched. There is evidence of a burgeoning interest in relationships between mindfulness and theatre/performance.

Performance and Mindfulness arises out of the work of the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research at the University of Huddersfield. Mindfulness and Performance has been an interest of the Centre since its inception in 2011, with a conference in 2013, entitled ‘Psychophysical Performance as Mindfulness Practice’. The development of this journal forms part of a growing body of practice and research in this area and includes establishing an active and collaborative international network of researchers and practitioners centred at the University. The Journal seeks to strengthen this body of practice in addition to encouraging reflection on areas of performance and mindfulness not already covered in publication and to develop new perspectives on well-trodden ground.

In the next five years it is anticipated that the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research will have carved a distinctive niche for Performance and Mindfulness practice and research, and will be seen as the hub of an international network of researchers. We anticipate that mindfulness-based theatre, performer training, and training practices will continue to develop, and to become common in academic and artistic performance training programmes. The journal will play a key role in establishing rigorous and critical study of this evolving field.

The journal is intended to have international applicability and reach, and also to serve both an international academic and non-(traditional) academic community. We invite contributions from researchers and practitioners throughout the world and from a wide range of disciplines and in a number of publication forms. Contributions are welcomed from areas including but not exclusively:

  • Mindfulness in Performance: awareness; embodiment; consciousness
  • Contemplative Performance forms
  • Contemplative approaches to Creativity
  • The Performativity of Meditation Practice
  • Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness in Performance Training

The journal aims to:

  • Map the inter-relationships between performance and mindfulness, both theoretically and through analysis and discussion of historical and contemporary examples of practice
  • Explore lineages, traditions and evolving bodies of practice
  • Propose rigorous and informed definitions, categorisations and modes of discourse
  • Consider ethical questions
  • Develop interdisciplinary research, including through the application of analyses and arguments drawn from other domains of study (e.g., Contemplative Science).
  • Interpretation, evaluation and criticism of existing literature pertaining to aspects of performance and mindfulness

Journal of Performance and Mindfulness is published twice a year, in electronic-only format. The journal is fully open access with article processing charges supported by the University of Huddersfield Press. Articles are published under a Creative Commons attribution licence (CC BY), although other more restrictive licences will be considered.