• ISSN: 2057-0163

Review Process

The review and feedback process has two stages. The first stage of selection of material for the journal for the first edition is undertaken by a School panel with two members of academic staff that have a strong research background and expertise in teaching and learning. Submissions may be made by students themselves or by staff who have supervised or marked work or by external examiners. The role of the panelists is to receive proposals from students or via staff and select two or three pieces of work to be developed further over the summer by the students concerned. The School Panel will provide feedback to selected candidates and finalise submissions to the second stage in the review process.

Please refer to the School Panels election criteria School panel selection criteria for FIELDS entries to University Editorial Board.pdf

The second stage is the central University Editorial Board which will carry out a final review of student submissions, give feedback to students about how to improve their submissions and then decide on the content for the edition.

Please refer to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers