• ISSN: 2398-130X


The University of Huddersfield’s Secure Societies Institute (SSI) was developed in 2015 to encourage and promote collaborations between researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, for the advancement of thinking and understanding in crime and security.

Crime, Security and Society is an academic journal, housed within the Secure Societies Institute, which seeks a wide and diverse audience of academics and practitioners who strive to better understand and reduce both current and future crime and security threats experienced by many societies, to encourage collaborative thinking from disciplines as seemingly distinct as; computer science, precision engineering, forensic biology, linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, organic chemistry, and criminal psychology.

Crime, Security and Society is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication with an applied focus on crime and security issues. Research papers co-authored by academics and practitioners from different disciplines (or fields) that would not ordinarily publish collaborative research together, are particularly sought, as are those of both interest and utility to academics, practitioners (e.g. police and security personnel) and policy makers.

Crime, Security and Society will provide a suitable space in which theoretical developments, empirical research, and practice issues and concerns, can be presented and debated together by academics and practitioners. Initial suggestions for papers focussing on crime and security related topics include criminal investigative practice, child-sexual exploitation, migrant crime, forensic linguistics and advancements in DNA analysis, but this list is indicative not exhaustive.

Crime, Security and Society will be published twice a year (June and December) and present papers on a whole host which suggest how practice can best inform research and conversely how research can be effectively translated into practice.