• ISSN: 2058-6205

Notes for Reviewers

General Guidance

  1. All articles will receive an initial review from two University of Huddersfield editors then will be sent, post revision, to one member of the external editorial board.
  2. All communication should be electronic.
  3. Since we would like to send your review directly to the author(s), do not add your name to the response to author(s) Return Sheet, unless you wish to do so. Please annotate your copy of the article so that the author(s) can see where queries have been raised.
  4. Given the tight deadlines between submission and publication, we need to give author(s) a prompt decision. If for some reason you are unlikely to be able to let us have your review within one month, please return it to the editor as soon as you receive it so that another reviewer can be found.
  5. It is helpful if your comments can be phrased in a constructive way. Author(s) have normally invested a lot of energy and personal commitment in what they have written, and this should be respected. It is particularly helpful if the paper's positive features can be recognised as well as any deficiencies it may have, and clear suggestions for improvement can be offered.
  6. Please refer to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

Return Sheets

Please click on the links below to download the return sheets.