Abdelrahim, Mohamed E., Assi, Khaled H. and Chrystyn, Henry (2011) Relative bioavailability of terbutaline to the lung following inhalation, using urinary excretion. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 71 (4). pp. 608-610. ISSN 1365-2125

The urinary salbutamol pharmacokinetic to determine relative lung and systemic bioavailability has been extended to terbutaline.

Mean(SD) urinary terbutaline 0.5h post inhalation, in 12 volunteers, with (IC) and without (I) oral charcoal and oral (O) dosing was 7.4(2.2), 6.5(2.1) and 0.2(0.2)µg. I and IC were similar and both significantly greater than O (p < 0.001). Urinary 24h terbutaline post I was similar to IC + O. The method was linear and reproducible similar to that of the urinary salbutamol method.

The urinary salbutamol pharmacokinetic method post inhalation applies to terbutaline. Terbutaline study doses can replace routine salbutamol during these studies when patients are studied.

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