Ansorge, R, Barlow, Roger, Carter, J.R., Ioannidis, G.S., Neale, W.W., Rushbrooke, J.G., Eskreys, A, Figiel, A, Kisielewska, D, Malecki, P, Rudnicka, H, Zalewski, K, Zielinski, W, Gajewski, J, Górski, M, Sosnowski, R, Szeptycka, M, Wójcik, W, Wróblewski, A and Zieminski, A (1976) Multiplicity distribution and nuclear effects in π−d interactions at 21 GeV/c. Nuclear Physics B, 109 (2). pp. 197-206. ISSN 0550-3213

Results on the charged multiplicity distribution in π−d interactions at 21 GeV/c are presented. The effects due to the two-nucleon structure of the deuteron target are analysed and the contribution of double scattering processes is estimated as a function of charged multiplicity. The evidence against simple cascade models is discussed.

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