Kadembo, Ernest M (2010) The narrative/storytelling approach in brand development for towns. In: Academy of Marketing Conference, 6-8 July 2010, Coventry University. (Unpublished)

The narrative or storytelling approach is often associated with folklore and other aspects of socialisation rather than a scientific and systematic approach to conceptualising a phenomenon. However, there is a growing body of literature centred on both the practical applications and relevant theory on the authenticity of applying the storytelling approach in brand development and there is evidence to prove the efficacy of this approach in the process. Denning (2007) demonstrates the application of the narrative in general management and branding. Boje (2006; 2008) highlights the story as a reflection of the respective entity in any given situation, be it the individual, the department or the organisation. In formulating a conceptual frame on the application of storytelling in brand development for towns this paper focuses on four key variables which are a) the history of the town, b) the criteria for effective branding, c) the narrative approach in brand building and d) the town strategy for growth, infrastructure, geography.

Lucado(2005) presents the s.t.o.r.y as representing strengths, topic, optimal conditions, relationship and yes. This logical flow of developments shows that the whole process will consolidate a given phenomenon. Ultimately the narrative-based brand development approach concludes that all phenomenon is centred on the story, and the effectiveness of the brand depends on the management of the story in conjunction with the marketing concept and its related variables.

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