Chrystyn, Henry (2006) Closer to an 'Ideal Inhaler' with the Easyhaler: an innovative dry powder inhaler. Clinical Drug Investigation, 26 (4). pp. 175-183. ISSN 11732563

The characteristics of an ideal inhaler are based around the design and formulation of the device, patient use and the clinical effect, together with concordance and patient preference. To ensure consistent drug delivery to the lungs, with regular adherence to the prescribed dosage regimen, it is essential that all these characteristics simultaneously interact to provide smooth and sustained therapeutic control affected only by the clinical status of the patient. The literature highlights that dose emission from an Easyhaler(R) is fairly consistent irrespective of the inhalation technique used by patients of all age groups. Clinical studies have shown equivalence of this device to those frequently prescribed and that it is preferred by many patients. Although further research is required into the development of inhalation devices, the literature describing the Easyhaler(R) dry powder inhaler indicates how an inhaler can closely meet the criteria for an ideal inhaler

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