Georgakoudis, Elias D, Tipi, Nicoleta S. and Bamford, Colin (2007) The way in which current European packaging regulations affect the environment. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Logistics. University of Nottingham Business School, Nottingham, pp. 350-355. ISBN 9780853582182

This research focuses on the packaging sector in the global logistics market. It
seeks to evaluate the problems arising from trade barriers generated by the
implementation of regulations concerning packaging and reverse logistics. The
investigation includes an in-depth literature review relevant to the subject, an
analysis of current packaging laws and an evaluation of the trade barriers
resultant from their implementation. Personal interviews of multiple packaging
manufacturers and packaging users supported and strengthened this research.
The paper also includes the investigation of a specific supply chain, where
packaging acts as a significant factor for the individual companies that participate
within it.

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