Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre and Schwarz, Diemo (2010) Surfing the Waves: Live Audio Mosaicing of an Electric Bass Performance as a Corpus Browsing Interface. In: Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME10), Sydney, Australia. NIME, pp. 447-450.

In this paper, the authors describe how they use an electric bass as a subtle, expressive and intuitive interface to browse the rich sample bank available to most laptop owners. This is achieved by audio mosaicing of the live bass performance audio, through corpus-based concatenative synthesis (CBCS) techniques, allowing a mapping of the multi-dimensional expressivity of the performance onto foreign audio material, thus recycling the virtuosity acquired on the electric instrument with a trivial learning curve. This design hypothesis is contextualised and assessed within the Sandbox#n series of bass+laptop meta-instruments, and the authors describe technical means of the implementation through the use of the open-source CataRT CBCS system adapted for live mosaicing. They also discuss their encouraging early results and provide a list of further explorations to be made with that rich new interface.

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