Locke, Abigail (2008) Managing accountability in breastfeeding discourse. In: British Psychological Society 2008 Annual Conference, 2nd - 4th April 2008, Dublin, Ireland.

Research into breastfeeding has primarily been approached in terms of survey style studies which aim to uncover the reasons why breastfeeding rates are so low. This study focuses on the ways in which breastfeeding is taught to expectant mothers and their partners, examining the framing of topics and the accountability work that accompanies breastfeeding discourse, using antenatal sessions run by the National Childbirth Trust as an empirical case. Analysis uses a discursive base to focus on how the breastfeeding counsellors accomplish a portrayal of breastfeeding as valuable, while reducing the scope for and implications of its negative aspects and lack of uptake. This is further discussed in relation to a broader consideration of breastfeeding and female choice.

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