Rollinson, Derek J., Handley, Janet, Hook, Caroline and Foot, Margaret (1997) The Disciplinary Experience and its Effects on Behaviour: An Exploratory Study. Work, Employment & Society, 11 (2). pp. 283-311. ISSN 0950-0170

Using the results obtained from a small-scale, exploratory study of the internal dynamics of the disciplinary process, two issues are addressed: whether the disciplinary experience results in the disciplined person's internalising and/or observing an organisational rule; and the extent to which this is affected by the way the disciplinary process is handled. It is tentatively concluded that discipline can achieve the outcome of rule internalisation and/or observation, but it does so for only about half of those formally disciplined; for the remaining half, there are ongoing tendencies towards rule breaking. Explanations for this state of affairs are located in two important features of the internal dynamics of disciplinary handling. The first is the implicit use of a `conditioning by punishment' paradigm, which is applied within a context where punishing stimuli are largely ineffective in shaping behaviour. The second, which flows from the first, consists of managerial styles that often create an impression in the eyes of the disciplined person that retributional motives are at work.

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