Blyth, Eric (2010) Fertility patients' experiences of crossborder reproductive care. Fertility and Sterility, 94 (1). e11-e15. ISSN 0015-0282

Objective: To obtain pertinent information from individuals who have either experienced crossborder reproductive care, or have considered doing so.
Design: International online survey of patients in collaboration with patient support groups in Australia and Canada.
Result(s): Analysis of data is based on 95 usable responses, of which 28 were from individuals who indicated that they had previously participated in crossborder reproductive care. Key areas investigated in the survey included the reasons for undertaking or considering crossborder reproductive care, the specific reproductive services sought, countries in which reproductive care is sought, and participants’ experiences of crossborder reproductive services. This study identified the availability of counseling services and other factors affecting patient experiences as important issues that participants considered should be taken into account by potential users of crossborder reproductive
care. The internet and other media were shown to be significant sources of information about reproductive services in other countries.
Conclusion(s): This study highlights an essential need for accessible, accurate, and reliable information to help ensure safe and high quality care, as well as emphasizing the role that clinics in patients’ home countries, feedback
from other patients, governments, regulatory agencies, and Internet-based services might play in making this information more readily available.

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