Capon, Brian and Page, Michael I. (1970) The mechanism of hydrolysis of 2,3-OO-benzylidene-norbornane-exo-2,-exo-3-diols. Journal of the Chemical Society D: Chemical Communications (21). pp. 1443-1444. ISSN 0577-6171

The hydrolyses of the isomeric 2,3-OO-benzylidene-norbornane-exo-2,exo-3-diols occur at similar rates to their interconversion: interconversion of the corresponding p-methoxybenzylidene compounds is much faster than their hydrolysis and interconversion of the p-nitrobenzylidene compounds is slower than their hydrolysis; the hydrolyses may proceed through a bimolecular attack of water on the conjugate acid

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