Dawson, Elizabeth A, Barnes, Philip A. and Chinn, Matt J. (2006) Preparation and characterisation of carbon-coated ceramic foams for organic vapour adsorption. Carbon, 44 (7). pp. 1189-1197. ISSN 0008-6223

Ceramic foam substrates of various porosities were coated with novolak resin, which was then subsequently carbonised and activated to develop a pore structure. The carbon forming the layer was characterised by thermal analysis, TPD and N2, CO2 and hexane vapour adsorption. It was found to be microporous with a high surface area (up to 1400 m2 g−1), which made it a good adsorbent for hexane vapour at ambient temperature. The carbon–ceramic interface was examined using SEM. The coated foams displayed a reduced pressure drop compared to carbon granules and had good dynamic hexane vapour adsorption characteristics. Depending on the foam architecture, hexane breakthrough was delayed for up to 78 min.

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