Argent, Stephen P., Adams, Harry, Harding, Lindsay P. and Ward, Michael D. (2006) A closed molecular cube and an open book: two different products from assembly of the same metal salt and bridging ligand. Dalton Transactions, 2006 (4). pp. 542-544. ISSN 1477-9226

Reaction of the bis-bidentate bridging ligand L1 with Co(ClO4)2 or Zn(BF4)2 affords a mixture of complexes [M8(L1)12]X16 and [M6(L1)9]X12 having the same metal : ligand ratio: the former is a molecular cube with a metal ion at each vertex and a bridging ligand spanning each edge, whereas the latter has a metal framework like that of an open book containing cross-linked double helical metal–ligand subunits.

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