Williams, Nefyn H, Amoakwa, Elvis, Burton, A. Kim, Hendry, Maggie, Lewis, Ruth, Jones, Jeremy, Bennett, Paul, Neal, Richard, Andrew, Glynn and Wilkinson, Clare (2009) The Hip and Knee Book: helping you cope with osteoarthritis. The Back, Neck, Whiplash, Hip & Knee Book Series . TSO, London. ISBN 9780117067295

The Hip & Knee Book is a guide for people who have osteoarthritis affecting their hip or knee. It will help you understand what has happened and shows you that there is a lot you can do to get on with your life. The news is good – you can increase your activity despite arthritis. This booklet tells you why you should, and explains how to do it. The advice is based on the latest medical research, and has been developed with the help of people with osteoarthritis.

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