Gillibrand, Warren P., Hughes, John Gareth, Taylor, J. and Gibbon, B. (2002) An exploration into practice nurses’ perceptions of diabetes care in the community. Diabetic Medicine, 19 (s2). p. 95. ISSN 0742-3071

ntroduction The World Health Organisation identified general
practice nurses as providing a large share of diabetes care in the
primary health sector in the UK. Systematic literature searching
suggests that little research has been conducted into practice nursing
diabetes care, with the exception of MacKinnon et al. (2001).
Aim To explore the perception by practice nursesÕ of their roles in
primary sector diabetes health care: Methods: A qualitative,
exploratory approach using grounded theory. Purposive sampling
using saturation as the end point to recruitment. In-depth semistructured
interviews with individual participants and focus group
verification sessions, tape-recorded and transcribed. Data analysis
using transcript coding and category formation.
Results 15 practice nurses interviewed and 2 focus group sessions
held. Six major categories were identified: diabetes clinics; the perceived
role of practice nurses in primary sector diabetes health care;
what informs their role; how effectiveness of their role is evaluated;
barriers restricting their role; training in diabetes.
Discussion Understanding has been gained in the clinical reality
of the practice nurse role in caring for people with diabetes. A range
of perceptions raises particular questions for resource allocation
and education for practice nurses.

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