Bokowiec, Mark and Wilson-Bokowiec, Julie (2007) The suicided voice. In: Intermédialité, théâtralité, (re)-présentation et nouveaux médias / Intermediality, Theatricality, Performance, (Re)-presentation and the New Media, 24-29 May 2007, Montréal et Québec.

For performer/vocalist, the Bodycoder System, live MSP, Video streaming, live computer graphics.

The Suicided Voice explores the various and fluid identities of voice. In this piece the acoustic voice of the performer is processed and manipulated live on the limbs of the performer via the Bodycoder System. The voice is ‘heard’ in the bend of an arm, the flick of a wrist, the voice is seen and heard as it moves across the performer’s body as a psychophysical resistance and embodied resonance. Extended vocal techniques are coupled with live processing and manipulation to expose the multiplicity, potency and depth of the voice’s digital Otherness.

There are no pre-recorded sound files used in this piece and no external sound manipulations. The piece is fully scored with few moments of improvisation. The performer is required to both generate the acoustic sound and process and manipulate on the limbs of the body multiple digital ‘voices’ and soundscapes while navigating a complex live interactive MSP environment.

The Suicided Voice features the Bodycoder System the first generation of which was developed by the artists in 1995/6. The Bodycoder System is a sensor array worn on the body of a performer that sends data generated by movement to an MSP environment via radio. The Bodycoder also provides the performer with real-time access to processing parameters and patches within the MSP environment as well as control over the sensitivity of sensors. In this way all decision making, navigation of the MSP environment and qualities of expressivity are selected, initiated and manipulated live by the performer.

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