Anchor, J.R (2018) The Strategic Management of Internationalisation in English Universities. In: Huddersfield Business School Research Conference 2018, 10th-12th January 2018, Huddersfield Business School. (Unpublished)

Internationalisation has changed the context of the strategic management of universities. Internationalisation has also become one of the keys to the competitiveness of many, but not all, universities. Several studies have addressed the trajectory of and the implications of the internationalisation of higher education. However, the strategic organisation of universities is an under researched area. This study explores the strategic management processes associated with the formulation and implementation of international strategies in four English universities. A qualitative exploratory approach, via semi-structured interviews and document review, was employed. The results of the study lead to the development of a model which conceptualises the processes associated with the strategic management of internationalisation in English universities. It is found, in particular, that English universities follow a five-step non-linear process to formulate and implement their international strategies. This is found to be more regular, and to align closely with the academic cycle, than is the case in other industries in which the business cycle varies both in frequency and period.

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