Kooli, Fethi, Liu, Yan, Alshahateet, Solhe F., Siril, P.F. and Brown, D.R. (2008) Effect of pillared clays on the hydroisomerization of n-heptane. Catalysis Today, 131 (1-4). pp. 244-249. ISSN 0920-5861

Different montmorillonites and saponites were pillared with Al polyoxocations to obtain catalytic supports for the hydroisomerization of n-heptane. The catalysts were characterized by different techniques such as X-ray diffraction, elemental analysis and N2 adsoprtion. The temperature-programmed desorption of ammonia indicated that pillared clays exhibited moderate and strong acid sites. The concentration of the acid sites depended on the starting clays as well as the type of the clays. The pillared saponites are more effective for the hydroisomerization of n-heptane at 300 °C, however, it decreased over the Al-pillared montmorillonites, and mainly cracking products were obtained.

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