Walsh, Andrew (2017) The Mini Book of Teaching Tips for Librarians. Innovative Libraries, Huddersfield. ISBN 9781911500001

Welcome to this mini book! When I started this, I had in mind a set of Tarot sized cards with about 50(ish) cards of teaching tips for librarians – a mix of general tips and actual interventions that could be dropped into a teaching session.
I thought people could dip into the deck, or perhaps pull their favourite few to the front to refer to again.
After writing a (rather expensive) book in the past of Active Learning ideas, I was concerned that these cards should not only be easy to dip into and pull out your favourites, but as affordable as possible too! Unfortunately at the sort of volumes I was expecting to sell, large playing cards seemed more expensive than I’d like to pass onto you, the reader.
Hence this little book! The pages are roughly the same size as the cards would have been, but cost a fraction of the amount to print.
I hope that explains the layout! I’ve pretty much kept to the restrictions of one small page per tip (with very few exceptions) and resisted the urge to waffle and expand unnecessarily! I hope everything is still clear despite the briefness, or at least clear enough to encourage further reading and idea generation of your own.
So dip into the following pages to find about half the pages containing general tips and definitions, and half the pages giving brief descriptions of ideas you could use in your own teaching. Some are old favourites, some you might not have seen before, but hopefully all useful to some of you…

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