Robinson, Terry, Foot, Robert and Clarke-Hill, Colin M. (2000) German retailing expansion – a decade of change? European business review, 12 (4). pp. 216-225. ISSN 0955-534X

The aim of the paper is to extend and update previous research carried out in the period immediately following the unification of Germany in 1990. This period saw a rapid and substantial movement by (West) German retailers into the former German Democratic Republic. The paper examines, though a tracking study of the top German retailers, the status of those retailers some years on in terms of the extent to which they have assimilated their operations in eastern Germany and now regard them as merely a part of a united Germany. More importantly, the paper examines the extent to which the moves into the former East Germany have been used as a springboard to expansion in the former socialist states of central and eastern Europe in a period that has seen substantial and significant consolidation among German retailers.

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