Jayakody, R.R.J.C., Amaratunga, Dilanthi and Haigh, Richard (2016) Planning and designing public open spaces as a strategy for disaster resilient cities: a review of literature. In: Building the Future - sustainable and resilient built environments. FARU Proceedings (2016). Faculty of Architecture: University of Moratuwa, Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp. 156-168. ISBN 978-955- 9027- 56-0

Public open spaces are often used as a mode to make cities sustainable from all
its three counts; economic, environmental and social. Most of contemporary
urban planners, designers, and landscape architects use the public open spaces
as a mode to increase the urban quality of life, improve aesthetic attractiveness,
improve the environmental health, growth of economy, and to increase the
walkability, liveability and vitality of a city which direct towards the
sustainability. However, sustainable development should also encompass the
enhancements of disaster resilience. Yet, the use of public open spaces as a
strategy for disaster resilience, still remains largely unrehearsed when planning
and designing sustainable cities. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to
emphasize the need of planning and designing public open spaces with a focus
on disaster resilience; as an agent of recovery, to provide essential life support,
as a primary place to rescue and for shelters and potential for adaptive
response. Further, this ongoing research study analyses the current literature
and presents the significance of combination of disaster management strategies
with urban planning and designing strategies in order to make cities resilience
to disasters. Finally, the analysis suggests a framework to plan and design
public open spaces for sustainable disaster resilience cities, proposing set of
concepts; loose space concept, Urban Sponge Park, Network of Open Spaces,
which can be potentially used when planning and designing public open spaces
for disaster resilient cities

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