Roberts, Spencer (2016) Algo-Mech: Algo(rhythms) and Mech(animisms). In: ALGOMECH 2016, 12/11/16 - 19/11/16, Sheffield Institute of Arts. (Unpublished)

The concepts of the algorithmic and the mechanical express a set of common processual concerns whilst cutting idiosyncratically across ideal and material planes. As descriptors of internal and external influence, the notions of the relational and the parametric are implicated in the genesis and transformation of twenty first century life. What then, are the qualities of the contemporary city symphony? Is it the algo(rhythm) and the mech(animism) that serve primarily to sonify the everyday? This talk will examine the contemporary interest in process-philosophical notions of rhythm, relation and parameter in the context of making - exploring the ways in which such ideas are reflected, refracted and contorted in both hacktivist and institutional contexts.

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