Dale, Barrie, Bamford, Jim, Bamford, David and van der Wiele, A. (2016) Managing Quality: The Future. In: Managing Quality: An essential guide and resource gateway. Wiley, pp. 311-320. ISBN 978-1-119-13092-5

This concluding chapter of Managing Quality pulls together the main themes and
strands running through the book and identifies issues to which organizations will
need to give particular attention in the future. It opens by examining what quality
means to different people and its importance in business transactions. The case is
made that improvement is a continuous process which is systematic, incremental
and cyclic. It is argued that the senior management of an organization are always
keen to know both where they are positioned in relation to the competition and
also their perceived status within the industry and the marketplace. The means
of carrying out such an assessment are explored. The chapter (and the book) is
concluded by outlining a number of issues to which organizations will need to
give more attention if they are to achieve world-class quality status.

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