Wilson-Bokowiec, Julie and Bokowiec, Mark (2016) PythiaDelphine:21. In: International Animart Festival, 16 - 24 July 2016, Delphi (Greece). (Unpublished)

PythiaDelphine:21 (for performer and Bodycoder System)

​Evoking the essence of the ancient practice of the Delphic Oracle
old technology meets new in this re-animation of the performer/pythia as medium, mediator, instigator, vessel and author of digital and analogue transmutations.

Gender specific vocal registers are wilfully subverted and fractured, extended vocal techniques and ethnic modes of vocalisation make available unusual acoustic resonances that spiral into new acoustic and physical trajectories full of fluid pluralities, evolving sonic entities, transient characters, choric
commentators, beasts and mythical fauna and flora.

PythiaDelphine:21 is strongly informed by our experiences in Athens in February 2016 aspects of which are fully embodied within the work. This pieces has been made with the kind support of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - department of music (school of philosophy) and Professor Anastasia Georgaki. We would like to thank Vassilis Boutos the Artistic Director of the International Animart Festival for hosting the premiere performance at Delphi. We would also like to thanks the directors of the Museum of Delphic Festivals the former home of Eva Palmer-Sikelianos and Angelos Sikelianos in Delphi for allowing us to honour of presenting the work at the house. PythiaDelphine:21 was created at the University of Huddersfield in the SPIRAL Spatialisation and Interactive Research Lab.

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