Zhang, Yufan, Tzortzopoulos, Patricia and Kagioglou, Mike (2016) Evidence-Based Design in Healthcare: A Lean Perspective With an Emphasis on Value Generation. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. pp. 53-62.

Evidence-based design (EBD) has been discussed in the literature, including its potential benefits and its limitations for its isolated and fragmented knowledge application. This study is an attempt to integrate the currently fragmented EBD findings to guide decisions for better designing, building and adapting hospitals through Lean thinking with an emphasis on value generation. An EBD review and assessment was carried out to update the current developments in the field. The paper discusses the importance of applying EBD in an integrated way. This is achieved through the development of a conceptual holistic framework based on three data strands inspired through Lean thinking, namely: Building performance, life-cycle cost and user value related evidence. This is an initial attempt and the paper concludes by identifying the limitations and potential future studies.

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