Newton, Andrew D. (2016) Book Review: Multimodal transport security: Frameworks and policy applications in freight and passenger transport: Joseph Syzliowicz, Luca Zampari, Genserik Reniers and Dawna Rhoades (editors) Edward Elger Publishing, Chelterhan, Uk and Northampton, MA, USA, ISBN 978 1 78347 481 3. Security Journal. ISSN 0955-1662

This edited collection is part of the series ‘Comparative Perspectives on Transportation Security’, also edited by Syzliowicz and Zampari. The previous book in this series (2014) focussed on maritime security. This edited collection attempts to address multimodal transportation and consists of 19 chapters, predominantly split into two sections: multimodal freight transportation security, and multimodal passenger transportation security. Each of these sections is then subdivided into two further subcomponents. For firstly freight, and secondly passenger security, the book repeats the same structure. A series of chapters are presented that examine themes and frameworks, and then a second set of chapters examine policy applications from the perspective of different international countries. This is a highly ambitions collection, and indeed as the editors asked themselves; ‘can we adequately cover multimodal transport for both passenger and freight transport in a single volume?’ (p292). That they managed to achieve this is a feat in itself, although as they acknowledge ‘this necessarily limited coverage’ although I would argue not to the book’s detriment.

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