Lopez Andreu, Marti and Verd, J.M. (2011) Les effets de la formation diffèrent selon les parcours sur le marché du travail: l’exemple catalán : The effects of training courses differ according to the labor market: the Catalan example. Formation Emploi (113). pp. 63-79. ISSN 0759-6340

This article attempts, for those already inserted in the labor market, to analyze the impact of non-formal training or increasing the level of study of the changing circumstances on the labor market (employment or unemployment), changes in employment or professional category. The effects of training are analyzed in terms of different types of course observed in the labor market in Catalonia. Indeed, the deep reforms in the direction of flexibility, introduced in Spain since 1985, have generated various profiles of workers with very different paths. Down results of our work show that the social characteristics of these pathways appear to nullify, in some cases, the potential positive effects of the training.

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