Amaratunga, Dilanthi (2000) Assessment of facilities management performance. Property Management, 18 (4). pp. 258-266. ISSN 0263-7472

Facilities management (FM) exists to support the core business, that is the preliminary goal‐seeking activities of the enterprise. The role of FM in facilitating organizational performance, and thereby in providing competitive advantage, is widely acknowledged. Performance measurement (PM) is a topic which is often discussed; however, the mechanisms of how this happens in FM are quite unclear, prompting performance evaluation researchers to question whether performance evaluation in fact does add value and enhance organizational performance. Further, the growing acceptance of a need to measure FM performance is in contrast to a lack of a systematic process for determining appropriate measurements. This proposed study provides a performance‐based approach that considers the FM process elements for measurement to be people‐process‐output‐customers.

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