Kenney, Laurence P., Heller, Ben W., Barker, Anthony T., Reeves, Mark L., Healey, T. Jamie, Good, Timothy R., Cooper, Glen, Sha, Ning, Prenton, Sarah and Howard, David (2015) The Design, Development and Evaluation of an Array-Based FES System with Automated Setup for the Correction of Drop Foot. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48 (20). pp. 309-314. ISSN 2405-8963

Functional electrical stimulation has been shown to be a safe and effective means of correcting drop foot of central neurological origin. However, despite recent technological advances, the set-up of surface stimulators remains a challenge for many users with drop foot. The automation of the setup process through the use of electrode arrays has been proposed as a way to address this problem. This paper describes a series of research and clinical studies which have led to the first demonstration of unsupervised automated setup of an electrode-array based drop foot stimulator. Finally, future research plans are discussed.

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