Ahmed, Pervaiz K. and Hardaker, Glenn (1999) The role of On-line communities on the internet for Sustainable Development. Business Strategy and the Environment, 8 (1). pp. 75-81. ISSN 09644733

For the world to move towards a more sustainable future greater understanding is required about the links between society, reality, business activity, the environment, technology and sustainable development (Welford, 199816). Technological development of the Internet offers the potential, if appropriately utilized, to be an enabler of a more sustainable future. On-line communications, via the Internet, is driving the evolution of cyber based communities in both domestic and commercial environments. Such changes in international communications are clearly at a relatively early stage of development, which raises many issues of fundamental interest but also concern. Security and control are issues of prime importance to all existing and future participants in cyberspace, due to the direct implications on both freedom and order. The Internet has evolved from a small specialist controlled environment, including both scientists and academic members, to on-line activity that is currently viewed by many as anarchic in nature. The more recent rise of the World Wide Web (WWW), driven by corporate acceptance and adoption, appears to be pushing towards formalization of both the Internet infrastructure and also applications. In exploring the role of on-line communities for sustainable development the paper addresses fundamental issues of importance.

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