Reynolds, Kae (2014) Gender-integrative leadership: The key to the C-suite? In: Gonzaga University Leadership Studies Student Research Symposium, 21st - 22nd March 2014, Spokane, WA USA. (Unpublished)

This presentation highlights findings and implications of a study exploring gender differences in constructions of leadership and decision-making in speeches delivered at U.S. institutions of higher education by 50 prominent business leaders. The aim of the project was to address continuing underrepresentation of women in the C-suites as the most powerful participants in a capitalist economy by analyzing messages of leadership and decision-making. Findings contributed insight into espoused leadership and ethical theories of these executives and evidence supporting the gender-integrative character of their leadership. Furthermore, the study produced results supporting the continued influence of gender congruency and bias in leadership. Interpretive analysis generated new knowledge of top U.S. business leaders’ motivation to lead and gender differences in the ethical grounding of the motivation to lead.

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