Atkin, Leanne and Sykes, R (2015) Using specialist bandage techniques to improve outcomes. British Journal of Community Nursing, 20 (5). S8-S11. ISSN 1462-4753

Chronic oedema is a condition that can become more complex to manage if allowed to progress. With the risk of chronic oedema increasing with age, complex presentations may become more commonplace as projections indicate an ageing population. A full holistic assessment is vital, taking into account venous, lymphatic and arterial elements of a vascular assessment, in order to determine the underlying disease process. Competency-based techniques for the application for below-knee and thigh-length application of inelastic cohesive compression exist and support clinicians in the successful management of chronic oedema. In cases of severe or complex chronic oedema, the specialist clinician can adopt strategies to adapt standard application to achieve volume reduction, shape, and tissue improvement.

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